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As a former Unit4 employee we still consider you part of our family. Join today to reconnect with colleagues, receive exclusive Alumni benefits and continue to be a part of the Unit4 community.

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Alumni Stories

Patric Mure
I always loved the company
Hardy Hutajaya
I love the people first culture
Roy Lee Guo Rong
The people here care for you
Luis Alberto Segura Gavilán
A great team with strong values
Francisco Javier Molina Reyes
Unit4 practice the values that they preach

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Message From Our Chief People Officer

Welcome to our new exciting Unit4 Alumni Network. You are still an essential part of our Unit4 journey, even though you have decided to leave and embark on your next chapter. Ultimately, we would like you to come back to us one day, with even more skills to add to the Unit4 journey. We all know the power of talented and creative networks within this digital economy and enabling connections makes us stronger and gives us the ability to see the world through the unique perspectives of all of those around us.

Joining this network provides you the unique opportunity to continue to be a part of the Unit4 family, keep updated with the latest Unit4 news and enjoy exclusive alumni e-learning modules as well as discount vouchers with big brands such as Hilton Hotels GAP, M&S, and many more. Therefore, I would highly recommend you to join, as it will give you and your family the people experience that we have at Unit4. I am very proud of our Unit4 family around the world which has helped to shape our transition and setting up our Alumni Network is part of the next phase of our evolution. I hope you enjoy the experience.

Lisa DodmanCPO, Unit4
Lisa Dodman